Sit and Breathe
Brief Relaxation Practices
Sit and Breathe
Brief Relaxation Practices
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Sit and Breathe is a sanctuary for realignment and self-reflection, offering meditation practices, breathwork, and mindful movement to guide you back to the present moment.
Our Practices
Studies confirm that mindfulness practices can diminish anxiety and enhance sleep quality.
Engaging with your breath can rejuvenate your strength and induce relaxation.
Observing without judgment allows acknowledgment of thoughts and sensations.
Focusing attention on the body through movement heightens sensitivity.
Listener Reviews
A meditation gem for the non-meditators. An exceptionally cool and efficient way to quickly reboot.


I've been relishing your meditations for almost six months now, quite often daily—what a hit! You are a lifesaver!"
The voice is simply wonderful ✨, perfectly suited for meditation. The meditations themselves are top-notch. Thank you!

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